My husband and I have been together for eleven years, and we have been parents for just two of them. After scrimping and saving for as long as we can remember, we finally found ourselves in a position to afford a brand new home. We knew precisely in which locality our house should be situated, so we set about searching for just the right contractor. Because our specific taste is somewhat specific, we were hoping to find a team of professionals willing to bring our vision to life.

It seemed to us that many area builders were too focused on home building trends that did not truly suit our needs. This was disappointing at first, but we knew we could find what we wanted in the end. After coming up with a detailed list of must-haves, we conducted interviews with a number of firms here in town.

Ultimately, we found a perfect match for our budget, our style and our dreams. We decided on Tollberg Homes in Minneapolis. Now that the construction process is complete, we are has happy as can be. Our advice to friends and family is to never abandon your goals when it comes to your place of residence and do not give in to home building trends that simply do not meet your objectives.