Last year, my husband and I were getting ready to build a home. It has always been something that we wanted to do. We finally found property that we wanted to build our home on and decided to get moving on our idea.

We have been looking around at different home building trends. There are many different trendy things people do to their homes. These homes look nice with the trends they are following. There isn’t one in particular that we are interested in. We love so many different things and have so many ideas.

There are many things we aren’t sure of yet for our new home. We are going to keep looking around and see if we can find more trends that we are interested in. We love lots of different things too and hopefully we can agree on something to do. We usually agree on everything and this should be no different.

Thankfully, we came across a company that does roofing, insulation, and exterior home siding, called Storm Group Siding, and they were great. We know now that protecting our home and keeping it safe and warm is a very important investment.

I know he is excited to get our new home built but I told him I want to be exactly sure about what we want before we get started with it. I want our plans laid out in front of us.