I’ve been wanting to build a home for quite some time now. My husband and I live in a house now, but we would like to eventually build one. Here lately we have been talking about how we are going to make that happen. We have talked about selling our home and buying the property to build a new home on. We have been checking out some property and want to make sure it’s in a great location before we buy it and build a home on it. We have talked about selling our home and living in an apartment or somewhere until our new home is built. We have been looking at some home building websites online and there was an article about new home building trends. This article and the ideas it had really got me and my husband even more excited to start the process of selling our home. We don’t think it will take long to sell and hopefully we can get what we want out of it. I want to get started building my dream home now and using some of the trends we came across in the article we read about building trends.